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The College was established in 1962 by its founding father Late. Rajah Saheb of Vizianagaram Dr.P.V.G. Raju specifically with a view to give a fillip to Women’s education in the backward region of North Coastal Andhra. The college is affiliated to Andhra University right from its inception. The College has a vision, a mission and goals as delineated by its founding father to provide the girls with quality education, assurance for their socio-economic and political empowerment and guidance for self-reliance.

MANSAS (Maharaja Alak Narayana Society of Arts and Science)

MANSAS (Maharaja Alak Narayana Society of Arts and Science)

The enduring legacy of the Vizianagaram family in north coastal Andhra is its commitment to education. In pre-independent India the then Maharajas of Vizianagaram were visionaries with clear, independent thinking. They patronized arts, culture and sports, besides encouraging social reform. Vizianagaram was also known as Vidyanagarm. The Maharajah’s College, The Music College and The Sanskrit College established in the 19th century are testimony to this.

Dr.P.V.G.Raju, the last coronated Maharaja of Vizianagaram, formed MANSAS (Maharaja Alak Narayana Society of Arts and Science) in 1958 by donating vast tracts of land, in memory of his father. Maharaja Alak Narayan Gajapathi Raju was known to be a fine human being with a scientific temperament besides being a passionate aviator. A little known fact of Maharaja Alak Narayan was that, he was a strong Nationalist and was among the earliest Royal families to host Mahatma Gandhi. He even donated a sum of Rs.1.00 lakh in 1933 when he hosted Mahatma Gandhi for his Harijan Fund. He recognized and understood that the only way society and the country could make strides forward was through education More..

Dr.Pusapati Vijayarama Gajapathi Raju
Raja Saheb of Vizianagaram, Former Minister for Education and Health, Govt. of AP, Former Member of Parliament

Dr.Pusapati Vijayarama Gajapathi Raju (Dr.P.V.G.Raju) was an exemplary human being. He was raised in the crucible of history when India was making its transition to independence and his contributions to the society and polity was immense.

Born on the 1st of May 1924 as the eldest son of Maharaja Alak Narayan Gajapathi Raj and Maharani Vidyavathi Devi of Vizianagaram, he himself was the last coronated Maharaja in August,1945. In contradiction to his feudal background, he was moulded by his close association with the leading socialist thinkers in the country, Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia and Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan. He believed that the Estates should be abolished without paying compensation to their holders and he himself did not take any monies for the same from his own estate. He fought for the rights of tenant farmers and also participated in the Bhoodan movement lead by Acharya Vinobha Bhave. Being the Hereditary Trustee of 105 Temples, in the 1940s he led a group of Dalits to the Simhachalam Temple in his fight for social justice and equality.

Core to the principal of charity is sacrifice. Dr.P.V.G.Raju formed the Maharaja Alak Narayan Society of Arts & Science (MANSAS) in 1958. His spiritual mentor, Swami Jnanananda guided him in this regard. He donated vast tracts of lands and buildings to the cause of education. He firmly believed the solution to alleviate society was empowerment through education. Today MANSAS runs 13 institutions & stays steadfast to the principles of its donor.

Politics was a mission for Dr.P.V.G.Raju. From 1960 – 1966 he was a Minister in the Government of Andhra Pradesh, first as a Minister for Health and then Education. In 1964 he met with a near fatal accident in Chandighar. The people of Vizianagaram prayed for the speedy recovery of their beloved Rajasaheb. However, that did not deter him & he served as a Member of Parliament for three terms retiring in 1984 to live out his last days at Simhachalam Temple.

Dr. P.V.G.Raju was an avid sportsman excelling in many games especially golf and cricket. He was the President of the Andhra Cricket Association, which he took over from his uncle, Sir Vizzy. He was an ardent practitioner of yoga and meditation.

A man whose ideas were well ahead of his times, Dr.P.V.G.Raju left a mark in public life with his simplicity and righteousness. His character and qualities have ensured he still lives in the hearts of people who cherish their association with him and the family.


On the 4th of March 2020 Ms. Sanchaita Gajapati Raju took over as the first female Hereditary Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the MANSAS Trust and the first female Hereditary Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Simachalam Devasthanam in Visakhapatnam.

Sanchaita Gajapati Raju is the grand daughter of Shri PVG Raju and the eldest surviving daughter of Late Shri Ananda Gajapathi Raju & Smt Uma Gajapati Raju. She hails from a distinguished political family of the Royal House of Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. Her grand father, the erstwhile Maharaja of Vizianagram Shri PVG Raju, was Member of Parliament for five terms & Member of the Legislative Assembly for Four Terms and a highly respected Philanthropist . Her father late Shri Ananda Gajapathi Raju was a Cabinet Minister in Andhra Pradesh State and then served two terms as Member of Parliament from the Bobbili Parliamentary Constituency. Her mother Uma Gajapati Raju was a Member of Parliament from the Visakhapatnam Constituency. More Details

Dr.Anand Gajapathi Raju
MANSAS, Former Minister for Health and Education, Govt. of AP, Former Member of Parliament

Dr.Anand Gajapathi Raju, the eldest son of Dr.P.V.G.Raju and Kusum, was born on the 17th of July,1950. From a very early age he was serious minded and thought things through with effectiveness and clarity, a trait that took him through life. He was very protective, first to his siblings and later with all those he interacted with. This humanitarianism, gentleness, humility and refinement was the essence of his personality.

Anand did most of his schooling from Scindia School, Gwalior. He did his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Loyola College, Chennai, his Master’s from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and his MBA from the University of Deland, Florida, USA. His interests included aviation and he earned a Private Pilot’s License, enabling him to frequently take his friends for joyrides between Chennai and Bangalore!

Politics, economics and education saw Anand surging ahead. In N.T.Rama Rao’s first cabinet in 1983, he held the important portfolios of Education followed by Health. He was a two-term parliamentarian, serving as the Deputy Leader of the largest opposition party, the Telugu Desam Party in the 8th Lok Sabha. Post his election to the 10th Lok Sabha he retired from active politics to pursue the cause of education.

In 1995 Dr.P.V.G.Raju passed away and Anand became the Chairman of MANSAS and Hereditary Trustee of Simhachalam Devasthanam and 108 temples in North Costal Andhra. Dr. P.V.G.Raju’s integrity, vision, simplicity and contribution had a lasting impact on his children. In his tenure, the M.V.G.R.College of Engineering was established and many new and contemporary courses were added to existing institutions in MANSAS. The P.V.G.Raju – A.C.A. Sports Academy of international standards was constructed on Trust land. The Rotary Club established in Vizianagaram a Health Centre of high repute in one of the MANSAS buildings for an annual nominal fee of Rs.1!

In 2003, Anand was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Inter American University of Humanistic Studies, Florida, USA. In 2009 he received a Ph.D. from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam for his work on Economic Policies in Society. He authored tow books of essays, ‘Stray Thoughts on Political Economy’ and ‘Random Thoughts on Indian Economy’.

Dr.Anand Gajapathi Raju passed away on the 26th of March 2016. The Chairmanship of MANSAS has now passed on to his brother, Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Union Minister for Civil Aviation. The Institutions endeavour to foster the spirit of learning by constantly evaluating and improving its facilities. At MANSAS the past merges into the present to form the future

Trust offers KG to PG level education in Arts, Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Humanities Education, Engineering and Management and presently houses 12 Educational Institutions.