About MANSAS Trust

The enduring legacy of the Vizianagaram family in north coastal Andhra is its commitment to education. In pre-independent India the then Maharajas of Vizianagaram were visionaries with clear, independent thinking. They patronized arts, culture and sports, besides encouraging social reform. Vizianagaram was also known as Vidyanagarm. The Maharajah’s College, The Music College and The Sanskrit College established in the 19th century are testimony to this.

Dr.P.V.G.Raju, the last coronated Maharaja of Vizianagaram, formed MANSAS (Maharaja Alak Narayana Society of Arts and Science) in 1958 by donating vast tracts of land, in memory of his father. Maharaja Alak Narayan Gajapathi Raju was known to be a fine human being with a scientific temperament besides being a passionate aviator. A little known fact of Maharaja Alak Narayan was that, he was a strong Nationalist and was among the earliest Royal families to host Mahatma Gandhi. He even donated a sum of Rs.1.00 lakh in 1933 when he hosted Mahatma Gandhi for his Harijan Fund. He recognized and understood that the only way society and the country could make strides forward was through education.

Though born a Maharaja, Dr.P.V.G.Raju was a socialist. He believed that equal opportunities should be available to one and all and that education was a great leveler. 1948 brought the abolition of the Zamindari, where he voluntarily surrendered his compensation to the more needy ryots. In 1958, with the able guidance of his Guru, Swami Jnanananda, he pursued his dream and commitment to education through MANSAS. He endowed landed properties around 14,482.30 acres spread over four districts, buildings and Fort to the TRUST. Primarily the society is looking after academic administration and facilitating revenue generations through management of the landed property.

Dr.P.V.G.Raju held high political positions both in the Lok Sabha and in the Andhra Pradesh state cabinet. He was first Minister of Health & Medical Services and later, Minister for Education. He was passionate about sports, being an avid golfer and cricketer and was also the President of the Andhra Cricket Association. He was also the hereditary trustee of the Simhachalam temple besides another 103 key temples across north costal Andhra.

In 1995 MANSAS passed through from Dr.P.V.G.Raju to his eldest son, P.Anand Gajapathi Raju, who also held high political positions in Andhra Pradesh, ably managed the trust till his demise in 2016. The Chairmanship is now in the hands of younger son P.Ashok Gajapathi Raju, a seven time legislator from Vizianagaram and a parliamentarian. A man known for his strong commitment to public service holding high public offices.

Promoting education has always been the driving force of MANSAS. The Trust runs 13 Educational Institutions from K.G. to P.G. including Engineering, Pharmacy, Law and Management courses. MANSAS has adapted to the change and pace of moving times, yet has kept its core values intact. The Educational Institutions endeavour to foster the spirit of girl child and woman empowerment through education. Alleviating socio economic conditions and providing excellence in education with a sound value system is what it strives for. At MANSAS the past merges into the present to form the future.