Sprawling, Self-Sufficient Campus with state of the Art Facilities

Class rooms

  •  The college has a spacious Campus Area with an area of 8 ACARES
  • All Class rooms are equipped with necessary infrastructure
  • The institute has a spacious Carpet Area with an area of 7026 Sq Mts
  • Each classroom can accomodate 60 students

S.No Facility name Details
1 Campus Area 8 ACARES
2 Number Of Buildings 13
3 Total Carpet Area 7026 sq Mts
4 No.Of Classrooms 17


  • There are Five labs:1)Biology lab 2)Computer lab 3)Physics lab 4) Zology Lab 5) Chemistry Lab
  • All the labs are well equiped with the equipments required for the expirements.
  • The Computer laboratories are being upgraded from time to time
  • All the labs can accomodate about 40 people

S.No Facility name Details
1 No. of Laboratories 6
2 No. of Staff Rooms 10
3 No. of Computer Laboratories 2